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Champagne's On Ice


Champagne's On Ice




My Favorite Rose, by Favorite Trick


15.3 h











“Champ” is that – a total champ about everything. After racing from ages 2 through 4 and winning twice, his connections were proactive in retiring him sound toward the end of 2021 when his interest in racing began to wane.

After getting a few months off to let down from the track (and due to my own schedule), Champ started with several weeks of groundwork and went back under saddle in late February. In his first 15 or so rides off the track, he hacked and schooled in the arena here at the farm, hauled off-site to school in indoor and outdoor arenas in company and has gone over the river and through the woods (literally) on group trail rides.

Easy and uncomplicated under saddle, Champ goes in a loose ring snaffle, is light on the aids and his pace is easily adjusted. He’s learning to go get supple on contact at the trot and open up his stride, and his canter is the kind you could ride all day – it’s just light, lovely and self-propelled without being “rushy.” He is currently barefoot (great feet) and has worked over trot and canter poles, as well as jumped a handful of cross rails, small logs (trot in, canter out) and has gone up and down small banks, all without batting an eye (I will probably add front shoes as he starts jumping more). He’s happy to go into, out of, over, around and through anything – nothing seems to faze him.

Champ has excellent ground manners, lunges both ways, cross-ties and ties to the trailer, stands quietly for the farrier, clips and loads easily for hauling by (himself or in company). He has a laid-back personality and enjoys interacting with people, horses, dogs…you name it!

Champ is still in the process of filling out (since his racing days) and shedding out (since his winter off), which means this guy is only going to look better and better. He has a build and brain that you could take in just about any direction and is ammy-friendly or a great option for a junior under the guidance of a trainer. He is RRP eligible for 2022.

Priced at $10,000, PPE welcome.

(Price will increase with training and experience)

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