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Simply Beguiled (a.k.a. "Slacks")


Simply Beguiled (a.k.a. "Slacks")


Palace Malace




16.3 h










Lease option available!

Simply Beguiled retired sound this past spring after breaking her maiden over the winter. While she could have continued to race, she was not going to be competitive at the level her owners had hoped, so they wanted ensure she had a future as a sporthorse. 

Known at the track as being "all business" when it came to her training, we let her have a few months to just be a horse and enjoy her pasture pals before starting her back under saddle in August. While she can have a spicy moment every now and again, she is willing and uncomplicated about things - happy to do what is asked and enjoys learning. 

She is forward ride without being "rushy" and has a soft mouth. She is working on learning the basics, such as lead cues, leg yeilds, simple transitions and changes of pace and direction in circles, serpentines and figure 8s. She picks up both leads easily when asked and has a fluid, evenly-paced canter. She has been working on trotting poles, canter poles, small courses and simple grid work, all with ease. Hacking out in fields she is the same ride as in an arena. She loads and hauls easily, stands well in cross ties and for the farrier and is up to date on all vaccines. 

Slacks is the kind of horse that appreciates having "a person" and a job. While she has been ridden and handled by several others with no issue (and was ridden by numerous people as a racehorse), she wants to have a strong and trusting bond with her rider. This is truly the kind of horse that, if you put the time in to earn her trust, she will climb over mountains and walk through fire for you. 

Slacks is RRP eligable for the 2023 Thoroughbred Makeover. If interested in learning more, send us an email!

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