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Located in Central Kentucky, Brownstead Farm’s commitment to the Thoroughbred runs deep.  Situated on 110 gently rolling acres, this boutique operation is designed to offer each horse the individualized care, nutrition and training necessary to reach his or her potential, whether that be on the track, at the sales or in the competition arena. 


Owners Dr. Stuart Brown, DVM and Jen Roytz have built careers in the Thoroughbred industry centered around their love and respect for horses. Stuart and Jen both play an active, hands-on role with the farm’s daily operations alongside their skilled staff.


The approach is simple — do right by the horse, and the horse will do right by you. 


Stuart Brown, DVM

Dr. Stuart Brown concluded a 30+ year career specializing in Thoroughbred reproduction and ambulatory medicine with Hagyard Equine Medical Institute in 2020 to take on the role of Vice President of Equine Safety at Keeneland.

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Jen Roytz

A lifelong equestrian with a penchant for Thoroughbreds on-track and off, Jen handles the sales prep and retraining operations at Brownstead. She specializes in developing confident, amateur-friendly Thoroughbred sport horse prospects for both the show ring and as recreational mounts.

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