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Drakesboro Wildcat


Drakesboro Wildcat


Get Stormy


Gogo Jojo, by Johar


16 h











"Drake" is a Brownstead Farm homebred who retired in the fall of 2021 and, aside from a handful of quiet hacks, he was given ample time off to grow and fill out. He started back in consistent training in March '22. 

Drakes is uncomplicated and straightforward under saddle. He has a big, forward-moving stride, but is happy to go at a "set it and forget it" pace. He's working on simple lateral work and collection/extension. While he has been popped over a handful of fences and simple cross country obstacles (and was happy to do so), we are focusing on his flatwork for a few more weeks before he starts formal training over fences. 

He doesn't just like, but LOVES water - baths, puddles, streams - you name it! He's happy to walk, trot or canter through it, or just stand around and play in it. 

Drake is good in crossties, hauls and loads easily, and stands quietly for grooming, vaccuming (in the colder months) and for the farrier. He is currently ridden 2-3 times per week and lunged once per week and hauls off-property 1-2 times per month. He can get a bit jazzed about fillies and mares, but responds appopriately to simple correction. 

Drake's approach to life is, "sure, let's try it!" He's curious and inquisitive and could really go in any direction. He would be a great horse for a junior or amateur to bring along with the help of a trainer. 

Drake is currently priced at $6,500. Price subject to increase with training and experience. 

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