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Starting Up


Starting Up




Mare and Cher, by Old Fashioned













Starting Up was born and raised at Brownstead Farm and was spunky, smart and sweet from Day 1. After selling at the Keeneland September Sale for $170,000, he headed to Florida to get started under saddle and eventually embark on his racing career. While he won early in his 3YO year and hit the board several other times, he was not going to be competitive at the level his owner had aspired for him, so he kindly sent him back to us to transition to a sport horse career. 

Starting Up returned to Brownstead sound, clean-legged and newly-gelded in the fall of 2022 and was given 60 or so days to transition back to turnout and herd life. He started back under saddle in December and I can honestly say I have never had an easier first ride on an off-track Thoroughbred. 

In his first off-track ride, he lunged in the open arena (showing that he remembered the vocal cues for walk, trot and whoa from when he was a yearling - we teach all of our yearlings to lunge and long line), stood to be mounted at the mounting block, and proceeded to walk, trot and canter both directions while being on the bit, yet light in the bridle. He navigated both trotting poles and some single canter poles and even hopped over a few cross rails, all without the slightest hesitation or fuss. It was literally THE BEST FIRST RIDE EVER. 

His subsequent rides have been just as good, learning to stretch and go long and low, and beginning to understand lateral cues. He's been doing small courses (cross rails and 2' verticles/oxers) and getting simple changes with ease. He also loves to hack out and enjoys taking in the sights and sounds around him. He stands like a gentleman in the crossties and can be left unattended and is great for the farrier (he's currently barefoot but as his workload increases and he starts hauling off-site, we'll add front shoes). He is current on all vaccinations, worming and dental. 

Thus far he has had four different riders in the tack of various experience levels and he has been the same ride for all of them. 

Based on what I know of his sire and what his dam looks like (since she's still here on the farm), this horse is likely going to grow at least an inch or two more in the coming years, and when he fills out, he's going to be beefy. 

He is priced at $10,000. His price is subject to change as he begins his show career this spring. 

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